On July 26, 1952, I was born into a small dairy farming community near Heywood, 320 km West of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

In 1969 I realised my boyhood dream and gained entry to the prestigious Swinburne Film and Television School.  There my dreams of faraway exotic locations and the ART of film making were reduced to four years of very hard work.  Many fellow students pursued the directing side of the industry but I commenced my long and rewarding career as a cameraman.

Very soon I discovered that the four years at college had not prepared me for the exacting discipline required for commercial camera work but in the mid 70’s I was fortunate to work as a Camera Assistant at one of the last major studios in Melbourne – Studio Corporation, which later became Riverside Studios.  It was there, under the strict and watchful eye of Mr Volk Mol, that my skills were shaped, refined and honed to prepare me for the demands of the advertising world.

Around about 1979 I ventured into the Freelance area as a Cameraman working mainly in Film Documentaries, Corporate work and 16 mm TV work.  The Peter Russell Clarke ‘Come and Get It’ series was one of these TV shows.

In the years that followed I have worked with many wonderful directors, and have managed to realise my early visions of the industry of traveling the world.  I have shot on film and video throughout SE Asia, China, Taiwan, USA, Europe and Great Britain, as well as extensively throughout Australia.  All these miles have matured me and allowed me to master my trade.

In this and other respects the film industry has been kind to me, allowing me to own a vast range of camera equipment, including an Arri BL4, Arri 435ES, Arri 235, Arri 35III, SRIII and SRII with all lenses and accessories to support these kits. We now have a full digital arm with Alexa XT, Alexa Mini, Amira, Panasonic, Sony and a Phantom Miro high speed. Cooke 4i, Cooke 5i, Zeiss and Angenieux.

In 2001 I founded HUB Productions, a rental and production support facility in Port Melbourne to service local and international productions.

Then in 2012 sold Hub to Simon Hoy and returned to freelance Director/Cameraman work and formed The Vision House camera rentals. www.thevisionhouse.com.au