Lens Tests

Some tests found on the web. Worth a look.
Regards Barry.

Here is the Duclos discussion – there was input from Will Keir (handful of credits to his name), Phil Holland (VFX wiz in Hollywood – worked on Iron Man, X-Men, Life of Pi etc), Matt Uhry (DOP on a few things but mainly shorts in USA), Jeff Whitehurst (only a handful of credits to his name – mainly TV shows), Evin Grant (handful of B style movies etc), Ryan Patrick O’Hara (1st AC on a number of projects but nothing too major – couple of films did well on the indie circuit), two others that I can’t find much info on and Matthew Duclos who is a lens tech. It is a good article with little bias.

And here is the S4i vs Leica Summilux Cs – Shane Hurlbut ASC did this article. He is an American DOP who has shot Terminator Salvation, Need for Speed, Semi-Pro, Act of Valor and some TV series.

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